Our products are all organics certified or eco-friendly products.

All Kinoa products are imported from Europe by sea. Truly, although far less polluting than air freight, sea transportation has a negative environmental impact. But fortunately (or unfortunately) vessels come back almost empty from Europe to China so, with or without our shipments, the impact would be the same.

For our deliveries:

we are re-using our supplier’s cartons for our mail orders. We use only paper bags (no plastic) for deliveries. We send electronic invoices by e-mail to customers and we avoid printing them when possible. Our products are delivered using public transportation and HK post office.

In our office:

we use recycled papers, inks printer and we are recycling the paper.
We use “green” detergents, ban air conditioning and use energy saving bulbs.
We do not use air freight and do not sell frozen products.
We switch off printers and computers during breaks and at night. Generally speaking online retail companies have a lower foot print than shops.

Why Kinoa ?

We founded this company because we are aware of global warning and the impact of toxic food on health.